All About Agua

All About Agua

   We’ve gone on Holidays and Summers. We have Escaped to the Tropics, been transported to Spain, and have gotten the chance to be a fabulous Moroccan Muse! But with all the stunning sights Agua has proven to convey with every collection, today we’re about to dock back to the place that started it all—Ilhabela, Brazil.
The year was 2014. Before being the source for one-of-a-kind swimwear that it is today, Agua was merely a concept by its two founders, Fatima Rabago (left) and Anaue Meyer (right). It was born from the need for easily accessible swimwear that not only possessed unique style, but also great quality and durability—one that comes in the form of quality Lycra to benefit the user with a flattering fit, and that would last more than just a couple of wears. Fatima recalls, “I remember I would always ask for my stepmother-in-law for swimwear [from Brazil]. It was hard to believe how a beautiful country like the Philippines, with all its amazing islands, didn't have nice swimwear.”

However, with existing swimwear in the Philippine market possessing similar cuts and colors, they also envisioned the line to show its customers how to elegantly pull prints off—even at relaxed settings such as the beach! The key, according to them, was to mix and match. Whether it’s a nice lunch by the shore, a water activity, or a leisurely stroll, Agua pieces could always be incorporated to upscale the moment. Beach trip or OOTD problems? Just throw an Agua maillot underneath jeans and a nice jacket and you’re all set!



Their next step was to get their idea to flow into reality.

“It was really hard to find the right team to work with. It took us more than one year to find our fabulous designer and our factory team, and now we are so proud to say that they’re all such hardworking girls—from the designer, to sewer, to cutter, to the source of Lycra.”



Two years later, these two create a powerful tandem, with Anaue based in Brazil to handle the production of each collection and Fatima in the Philippines to cover the brand’s overall look, advertising and selling. They continue to uphold their vision, and that is to give modern, independent women an exclusive selection of the stylish swimwear fix they crave to accompany them in their wanderlust. True enough, the brand has now expanded its selection immensely to cater to broadened tastes: from classic bikinis, to maillots with a variety of sleeves—and it prides in its growth, never repeating a cut or print so you’re sure to find a new piece with every release!


  And as for the current and future state of Agua, our two fierce founders have only this to say:

“We are really happy, as we keep growing and keep getting more recognition. With each collection, we love adding products and projects, and right now we have something coming really soon. We can wait to share with you!!”


Stay on the lookout, Agua girls!

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